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Pregnant Nigeria By Adetomiwa Dada

POSTED 03/15/2018 15:23
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My dear one,
Our dear one,
She's ripe for motherhood,
Years past,
She had serious coitus with founding fathers,
Resulting to a protrude belly,
With a promising child,
But her amniotic membrane has not ruptured

Nigeria is pregnant,
Who will take her delivery?
For the baby is hindered by saga of dramas,
Every day gone past without,
Drama of laughter and hate by elite leaders,
Though the fathers’ made their mistakes,
We won't argue further,
There’s loophole

Nigeria has birthed million children,
Many on the father soil,
Many in diaspora,
Never wanting to come back home,
Though suffered brain drain,
In their father's land,
But now the other side cherishes them,
For they are sound intellectuals,
Sucking from the breast of Kings and Queens,
But now,
They colour luminous at the sky,
Their feathers soar zenith,
The unconcerned fathers want to celebrate them

Nigeria is pregnant,
Her husband jobbed with accusations of founding fathers and past leaders,
Still recidivate,
No positive change,
Just spontaneous to tragedy,
Her issue is compound-complex,
She's in agony of struggle and pain,
Before, now, and don't know after

She was feeding on grass,
Before the adventure of black gold,
Every leader wants to dip,
Their toes into the rich liquid,
Making the centre unbearable,
Our cultural morals,
Shredded apart

Our beloved country,
She missed the progress of the century,
She has suffered,
For the backwardness of the political elite
Though they are acclaimed giant of negroes,
But where are they placed in the world hierarchy?

She is pregnant,
We felt her pain,
As a critic and citizen,
The centre holds disunity

Nigeria is pregnant,
Writer's write to ease her pain,
In the beauty of their pen,
To contract her close cervix muscles,
Still fluids of joy fail to secret,
Except agony from the neighboring citizen

In the arrangements of pictures,
The artist has tried,
Putting their brush on paper,
Juxtaposing lyrics of words,
Inculcating the past, present and future experience,
But she's adamant to pain

With oratory skill,
The historian has passed bit of the basis,
To the young,
With hidden nudity of the founding father's
Only few young ones,
Want to know their origin, root!
The hidden truth and lie

Who is the foetus in Nigeria?
At all,
Who are those problems?
The solution provider,
The political doyens
The diplomat,
The technocrat,
The teacher,
The student,
The clergy,
The business tycoons,

I am pregnant of words,
Lines of rebuke,
Lash of harsh words,
Not eloquent, not audible
I want someone to hear me,
I got episode of pamphlet,
With words and lyrics,
I am Nigeria

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