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My Love Was A Paradox By Ohanado Uche Erudite

POSTED 01/01/2018 16:45
2687 Reads My Love Was A Paradox By Ohanado Uche Erudite, Poetry on Tushstories
I tried to see with my heart
I tried to tell with my eyes.
My whole was just a part
We were so close but far apart

I hid the tears behind dry eyes
I wore the pain in a mutual smile
I said the words in truthful lies
We walked down a virtual aisle

I did the bravest thing out of fear
I pushed you away to keep you near
I hated that I was in love
It was the answers I couldn’t solve

I was my own foe to keep you a friend
My feelings, the beginning of the end
I was ready to tell you in silence
My love was like an art of science

Maybe it was alright to be wrong
Maybe my love words should be sung
Maybe things would scatter into the right places
My mind was filled with empty spaces

So many options but I had no choice
My inside raged in silent noise
It was a bad decision for the greater good
Maybe you were in love with another dude

I would wait till I run out of patience
I still get numb reactions in your presence
They said I was better of with a friendship
Than treading the paths of relationship
I was the exception, thinking out of the box
But this love, My love, was a paradox

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