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Here's One For Papa By Gabby Rhymes

POSTED 12/16/2017 14:10
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Here's one for papa, sitting always on the table tryina get the bills paid,
Here's one for momma pounding endlessly tryina get the food made,
And here's for me, dull brain they call me but I'm trying my best to make 'em good grades.

Momma and papa put their lives out the fields so I could be here
Every single night I hear their whispers "don't disappoint me dear"
But I’m stuck here, in a system where my good grades only fetch good names with no cash.
It’s my parents on the line "hello son what’s your GP?"
I stammer for 2 secs then tell 'em "it’s 3.23"
Mum coughs, dad stays silent, something just happened, what could it be?
Next thing they hang the line up on me

I know momma, you stressed you up
To get me dressed up
But I still messed up,
I know papa you never quitted crossing the river
To buy me coat so I won't shiver
But I still didn’t deliver.
I know you all think I'm a good for nothing waste of funds, maybe not, or maybe I haven’t
Just set my course to the right thing.
I may have come out average on school's grading scale,
But there's more to me than good grades.

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