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Palace Of Slum By Victoria Willie

POSTED 06/09/2018 17:54
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There lived kings and queens
Whose regalias were threaded with sins
Sins best known as debauchery
To those who live afar off
Their government was no monarchy
Existing sires in an anarchy
For every man seemed a ruler
In his elevated hell of residence
Here, the night was day
And the day was night
Here minors were adults
For they gave grown men the creeps
With their head the haven for marijuana
And their bodies the abode of diseases
In this palace of slum
Ruled kingpins
Dwelled queenbees
To them was love a stranger
For they knew not love
Saw not love
Gave not love
And when they did make love
Akin was it to pouring sweet juice
In erstwhile clean CUNTainers
The queenbees were tasteless seas
Whose flavour had been buried
Under the mattresses of filthy pleasure
The kingpins were erewhile saints
With bloodstained palms
And guilt-eroded consciences
They were soldiers of their own
Fate made them precocious
Fate made them despicable
Or was it society or choice
Who made our children
Dented effigies of disdain
In this palace of slum

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