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Her Pain Was Real By Ohanado Uche Erudite

POSTED 01/08/2018 12:35
3141 Reads Her Pain Was Real By Ohanado Uche Erudite, Poetry on Tushstories
She was born with no spoon made of silver
She had nothing to offer or deliver
She grew slowly into a believer
She could only take what life would give her
Her pain was real.

She gets sent off before her 10th birthday
No idea where, or if she’ll return one day
Life isn’t fair; it’s rigged with raw foul play
She can’t be herself again, it’s now rough play
Her pain was real

She struggles to live
It’s a one way ticket, she’s never to leave
She is starved, beaten, left aside to grieve
She works in a bowel, and eats from a sieve
Her pain was real

Not long she turns 18
She is an adult now not just a teen
With full grown physique but low self esteem
Fighting sexual assaults, not chasing her dreams
Her pain is real

Against her humanity, this is treason
She's been living all her life in a mini prison
Treated unfairly without cause or reason
Maybe it’s our fault, we don't try to listen
Her Pain is real

She wants only to be loved and cared for
To be treated fairly, what more could she ask for
She is just a girl, not a machine or tractor
She needs our help, through whatever platform
Her pain is real

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