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Our Root By Adetomiwa Dada

POSTED 03/24/2018 11:23
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I stood erect,
Discussing the panacea,
To our writhe,
A sculptured beast,
From the best,
In beauty of artists

I’ve seen a ghost with a hollow eye,
A body weak with dead bones,
Rain-tears eye,
Flu highly contagious,
Beats equivocal in rhythms

Tear's drops,
From the cloud,
Bright cluster of drops,
In relieve to anxiety

We see with eyes,
Drip fluids,
Of immotile tears,
Craving meditation,
Trenched into pensiveness,
With lids of nous,
Lip of truth
I woke in dreams,
Bleating in thought,
Quench quivered for thirst,
Anorexic to taste

I want to cry,
For my eye inculcate primitive,
I stand cozy to staff of cause,
My mind porous
Building bricks round

Issues bathed my teeth,
My fingers lingered on paper,
Phrase for elite, ringing in my belly,
Dripping slowly like a tap of milk,
I lounge for niche

The sun rose from me,
The energy of flaws,
My memory for tomorrow,
Knowing every day,
I breathe farther & speak shivers,
For fogdog of future,
Ain't that we're supposed to be!

The heavens calls,
Smile on me,
My lips shiver for "dom"
Not quenchable

Life rains odorous,
Needles of issues,
Place to effuse,
Deaf-mutes brigadier of career's,
Nailed professional,
Eyeing the sky

L’m in phial,
Reminiscing what I saw,
The heavenly gaze
Hollow feathers of drops,
Carried by air,
Deep into rocky & grounds of eye

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