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Our Now By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 09/17/2018 15:24
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I wish I had met you now
Now that I know how
I can't be your Miss Perfect
Not that I am imperfect
You've taught me a lot
Especially those I knew naught

I wish we could turn
And give the past a run
Maybe we could have a future
The one we can nurture
For now all our feelings are wasted
Because of things we had tasted

I wish I can rephrase everything
For the sake of ourselves
For then can we hold onto something
Even if it’s only read on the shelves
Now we have nothing
Even our future selves

You wish you had listen
Coz then we wouldn't have missed it
But like a vixen
You couldn't control it
Not that you didn't try it
But now we are already bitten

We wish there was another chance
Then we would have bounce
To a love so beautiful
That we would have been careful
But we only have this chance
I hope we can still bounce

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