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Our Love Story i By Martins Deep

POSTED 06/01/2018 13:44
1993 Reads Our Love Story i By Martins Deep, Poetry on Tushstories
(For Ogwiji Ehi)

Spell, firstly meant
how I wrestled away sleep
yet wrote nothing for you
in the wee hours
where the gods yawned
in the forest and
the trees bowed to let them through the path
to their ivory thrones.

You were my mute muse
that told the yearned words
with lovely squinted eyes
Thoughts never
made it to your tongue
for a whisper in my ears
You drowned my heart in my inkwell
Stabbed at me with my my willing quill
turned me into a clown
when you found my attempts at
a love letter with a titter.
The night ripened
to crown you my queen.
Stolen mother's pendant
in your palm
I felt your heart still
against the wind
that sweeps off the feet of other ladies
Tucking it into my pocket.
The noise at the village square
stood a ready canvass for
all colours
that seemed to say
I haven't seen enough to
never let me go pass writers block.

You spoke - strummed
My mind into wild blooms
You struck - Sango pulled down
alters of women marginalisation.
The old voices
they stoned down our dreams
With caution that worshipped
Bravery premiered in your eyes
Filled the gulf they dug with your tears
Boat carved from splinters
Of ruined love stories drifts.
Your sighs
They came as wind in our sails
Till we hit the shores of home
A misty nest that called
In our day dreams till we made it
against the wildest odds.

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