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Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again By Adetayo Omotoyosi DarkPoet

POSTED 07/24/2018 13:13
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When I was young
Even as a toddler
I was abandoned in the memory
Of a mad man tang.

His nomenclature "Amodemaja."
He penned an epistle of bruises, insults
And offer it as a concoction
To his Bata'aWa'ala.

They metamorphose their bruises
Into Adia`gbon
The Yoruba skin lotion
And rub it on their palm
As they journey into hypnosis.

"Amodemaja" pilchard for daily bread
Most times if the seed he sows
Catches fire
He roars like a lion
Who just conquered another meal
Rejoicing like a dotard bard.

Razzmatazz cemented the bedrock
Of his household
And most of his "Bata’aWa’ala
Were metricious to his urge
He wanked & pounced on their

Sumptuous village girls
Trade their waist as burnt offerings
Sauntering into the abode of "Amodemaja"
They giggled & wiggled their assets
Hiding under the intellect of "Amodeomaja."

Time tick
And click
And waterfall of babies pour out
From the open freezer
Of the blessed belly.

His house was sucked up by ocean
Of rue and rage
Throwing up banters
Into the air
Their hearts rule their heads

"Amodeomaja" thus became
A slave of his own ambition
Rags buried his intellect
Making him an inheritance of mockery.
And an embodiment of wane.

Ma’am, Ma'ami, Ma'ami
"Amodeomaja" remnants
Screamed like a Vuvuzela
that lost its sounds
They mumbled and fumbled
Groping in rounds.

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