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Nepa Light By Enyene Johnson

POSTED 01/25/2018 09:43
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The shadows dimmed
The cat walked across, the room did blink
The next thing that I heard was this
Meow meow meow.

On top the table flickering screen
Lighting the room with its blue screen
Incoming call, t’was just a flash
Oh lord my God! It is a cat!

It jumped from the table to the fridge
And from the fridge back to the screen
I thought it was a snake at first
Nepa has done their worst I bet.

The door was loosely locked with key
It was so dim I couldn’t see
My heart did tremble as I heard
Meow meow meow.

And at that instant the bulb glowed
Nepa! Nepa! I heard them shout
But before I could move my feet
The bulb went dark as dark could be.

The cat like eyes glanced through the room
My phone under its claw-like hands
The next thing, next to me was a broom
A stifling trembling held my hands.

This time, my phone, it rang again
The cat jumped from it, beat my guess
The cring cring call sound, tore the room
As the phone fell and broke in shreds.

And as the cat dribbled inside
I heard from outside “who’s in here”?
I shouted “yes, you can come in”
His face is now with cat claws drills.

As I recall the nepa light
As I recall the broken phone
I as recall my beating heart
It sounds again, meow meow meow

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