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My Tale By Mojisola Josephine

POSTED 05/05/2018 17:55
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My tale is one of good or bad
Depending on the one you choose to see.
Some call me a tool, serving diverse purposes,
Depending on their motives.
I am also a bud-dy organ of detection.
My detection is not of crime,
Neither is it of duty,
But it is one of excitement,
An intense feeling,
Accompanied by a great satisfaction,
After it has been been showered
With the sweetness of honey.
I am also a detector of disgust,
With distaste coming in its wake,
When an unwanted herb-like mixture,
Makes a forced entry into my domain,
With its bile-like appearance.
Salt or lime? Take your pick.
Either that or you leave.
I am the master of them all.
Everyone use me.
All and sundry have me at hand.
Abuse and misuse, they all make of me,
And I am said to be the guilty one.
While the good ones use me for good,
Upholding humanity,
Praises and honour,
Blessings all around,
The bad ones use me for bad.
Corrupting my being,
Polluting humanity,
With their deadly curses,
Lasting from generations to generations,
Even extending to the grave.
In me is found one essential part of life.
For without me it is impossible
To be a bearer of verbal information.
I have the sole responsibility
Of rolling sounds into words,
And words into sentences,
Making them fit to be understood.
My words,
When emanating from a bitter heart,
Sprout venom deadly enough to induce suicide.
My words,
When it is expressed,
From a hopeful and highly expectant heart,
Leave behind in its wake,
Unfulfilled promises,
Baseless theories,
Untrue stories,
Backbiting histories,
And poison-laced praises.
I am the master of deception.
Like the proverbial green snake,
I lie in wait patiently
Under the proverbial green grass.
And like the snake that I am,
I stealthily seek the perfect aim,
Of guilty and innocent victims alike,
To strike my deadly blow,
Spitting out my venomous words,
Wrecking havoc,
Causing confusion,
Creating pandemonium.
And I sit back sadistically
To watch the unfolding events
And relish in my victory.
I am the bearer of the egg
That when it falls to the ground,
It can never be undone.
I am also the bearer of the egg
That the fall can be prevented.
I am the tongue!
Use me wisely!

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