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My Other Half By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 02/18/2018 16:45
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I noticed
Her stunning red dotted gown,
Her glimmering eyes over those sunglasses,
Her dashing beauty, her happy frown,
And most of all noticed she was my other half,

I tried an approach,
It was really hard, but I still tried,
We talked and talked, it really went well,
At least that’s what I thought,
She seemed to show me lots of greenlights, than red lights,
To avoid losing her to anyone,
I was prepared to go into fights,

We gradually turned into friends,
Gave each other calls, Talked when we met,
Stared into each other’s eyes with no fret,
We did what friends do, we seemed pretty close,
Until I mustered courage and offered her a rose,
A red bright one,

What this rose meant, she wondered,
I gave her calls, but they went unpicked
Sent her messages but received no reply,
She hates me, she detests me,
Those became my thoughts,
I didn’t understand the feeling,
But I felt like a breathing dead being,

With courage, and fear of losing my other half,
I walked up her front door,
Gave several knocks, but they all went unanswered,
Rang her doorbell, but its sound formed into echoes,
Was no one in? Was she avoiding me?
These questions ran through my head,

I gradually became a stranger to my bed,
I became nocturnal,
Cos of fear of nightmares
She ran laps through my mind
She really was my digression,

At mornings first light I received a message,
It was her, I mean my other half,
Shocked and overjoyed at the contents of the message,
I gave her a call and asked her to meet up,
Of course I had to give her a gift,

We saw each other,
And like prancing deer’s we ran into each other’s arms,
There was silence until she whispered “I am sorry”,
Don’t be I said, for your absence made my heart grow fonder,
She chuckled, and right there I confessed my feelings,

We finally became a couple,
Don’t ask me the date, for I can never forget,
It was the month of love, it was early February,
I sent her roses and cards, flowers and love notes,
She reciprocated these with warm kisses, and nice dresses,

It was here, I mean the date,
So I hurried to my favorite flower shop, to purchase her favorite flower,
Surprised by the amount of people staring at me,
I stopped to ask the owner of the shop, why they were staring,
And he replied, how much did u spend on this roses?

Understanding what he meant, I decided to take my leave,
Then he pulled me, and asked me what my girl was like,
With joy I smiled and answered saying she’s my red rose,
My obsession, my other half, my hearts roommate,
My extraordinary playmate, my valentine, my soulmate,

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