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Missing You By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 12/02/2017 07:45
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Out of sight is out of mind
But your case is different
For as the sun rise
So does my mind arise
With thoughts of you
And as it settles
So does my plans for you

How can I not think of you?
When the crow wakes me to your absence
And my eyes flips open to no whisper of love
I stand and make sure I don't stumble
Knowing you ain't there to hold
I brush without a good morning kiss
I eat without sharing with you
And can't even think of breakfast on bed
I wear my best but feel no amazing stare of love and pride
I go to work without no peck, no bye nor a kiss of success and love
I'm at work and wish to remain there
Knowing there is no you to rush home to

I'm home but wish for the morning to come
A silent dinner is what I never planned
A quiet room is what I never wished
A cold bed is what I never imagined
A sleepless night is what I never bargained
A kiss-less and loveless night is what I never thought
And I hope this change soon!

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