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Lullaby By Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

POSTED 02/15/2018 13:25
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How do I write about the chemistry of those times,
When we stretch into the night
With red and brown songs
Walking barefooted with our shadows
Into the theory of butterfly
And into the origin of steaming moon?

Love turns everyone into a bird
Coursing through the sky of God's word

How do I dissolve in the river of our tales
Without running into the heartbeat
Of blue skies, colourful sunsets and smiling stars?
You ran into me when the world
Was a broken mirror in a woman's eyes
And then I put me aside and became you – a wor(l)d coined from the seventh heaven

I do not know how I lose count
Of my heartbeat counting yours
How you leaped into my veins
Sinking into my blood with art and roses
I do not know how I formed home in your smiles
But I do know about things that break men
Into verses of poems on their lover's body

If you see me sowing my skin on flowers and ballads
It’s because I have learnt to find my reflection
In everything that walks out of a man's rib – naked

This is for the memories we had
Choking from the flames in each other's eyes
For days we sneaked into the wind
With our lips boiling with kisses
For times you weaved your tongue as fig leaves
To kiss my soul into healing and redemption

This is for the plays we played
On the stage of survival and existence
How we played hide and seek under the moon
Seeking for things that beat two bodies to one
Things in the mouth of a psalmist
Burning lines into flames of love

Here is a lullaby
For the times we had
And for times inscribed on the walls of our future
To be lived when our souls become mate


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