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Loverly By Daniel Ajayi

POSTED 08/30/2018 12:23
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To just listen to you to tell a story,
sitting on the mountain waiting for the sky to calm
Anxious of the delay of the sun when evening will be dawn
I so miss the greener pastures of memories that begat who I am
Even the moon is aware of that epitome
Your beauty untamed, that create a magnificent house in my heart
Streaming around me like a blowing wind in summer spring
My dearly, for you I’m complete cursing me to be blessed
I lived like I never lived before whereas lost without you
Life became eternal when around you,
even a century seems just a day
At the sight of you I blush, whining in laughter
You became the gross that lodge my loss,
parting a signal of our cause
You tasted my sauce, without fucking up, you love it all
At the blemish of my call,
you were still there for us
I couldn’t buy those lies but like those smiles
I couldn’t walk those miles but strengthen those tiles
I couldn’t let go from my mind but spiral bind you with my heart
I couldn’t spend those cash but never for once gave you a lash
Now, can’t hold it tight but hold you nice
Like when we sat on that mountain to listen from your fountain
You told me your story while I was still giving God the glory
It was the foundation when we made incantations
It was very much a pretty condition even with those delays
I already snapped pictures of memories and kept it save in the cave
So don’t worry, you will always be save with me and within
For I wish the south to know your name and west call your name
North to write your name and east spell your name LOVERLY.

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