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My Santa Lover By Angela Gbudje

POSTED 12/21/2017 16:03
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It was a cold Christmas Eve
A day every year, i dreaded to live.
Because it reminded me of how single I am,
A day I was born, increasing how old I had become,
Reminded me once again that my own family in comparison to my peers has not yet been formed

I am coerced to a carol mass in a sad mood,
Despite my lackadaisical attitude,
I still had to move, in order not to be rude,
I paused to say 'I was cold'
But My dad gave me a look that hinted an Idea of what I didn't need to be told.

Jingle bell, Jingle bell,
Background music to a story I can easily tell.
Of a Mary who was Chaste,
Blessed by God with an entire family in much haste.

I waited patiently for mass to end,
Not realizing, I dozed off and started to bend.
I felt a tap on my cardigan that woke me up
I kept closing my eyes and mouthed words like I was already up.

I opened my eyes thinking it was a Church Warden,
Opening them to a sight that can never be forgotten,
A man who I never noticed sat beside me,
He was the one and not the warden who woke me.

He seemed to smile at me for no reason,
I moved my hands to adjust my hair without thinking,
His smile revealed the perfect looking line of jaws,
I thought he was an angel, just as Mary saw,
I only hoped God did not send him,
Because if he was to disappear, I wouldn't let him.

We all stood, he was the perfect man of my dreams,
Damn, he looked hot,
I was tempted to say 'take off your jacket',
But I feared he would say 'babe man’s not hot',
I was jilted back to reality as he asked to know if I enjoyed the play,
And suddenly every other sound aside his voice faded away.

Too speechless, I replied with a nod,
Like an agama lizard, all I could do was nod,
He smiled again, saying 'I did too',
My legs went weak,
I thanked God my parents urged me to come too.

His strict attention to the homily,
Drew my concentration back to my family,
Making me notice dad was the serious one who listened critically.
Whose attention pushed playful mom to listen keenly.
I wished for such a push unknowingly.

Finally, it came to a closure,
His eyes were on me, I was so sure.
We met again outside the hall,
He asked for one number, I told him all.

How time flew, because by the next Christmas.
We had our wedding mass.
Oh! How elating it feels meeting someone who acted like me.
Dark as I am but tall as I can never be.

Now, I look forward to Christmas,
Not only because there is a celebration of the birth of Christ mass.
But because it was also during Christmas I had my first love mass.


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