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Lover, My Lover By Jessie Sarang

POSTED 02/08/2018 16:15
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Lover, my lover
Meeting you was fate, loving you was choice
Sitting beside you and gazing into your eyes is second to none
When all I can see
Is the affection warming up in your heart.

Lover, my lover
You are like the snow, the first snow falling on a winter day.
You arouse my desires and cloud my thoughts with yours;
You have finally overshadowed my mind.

Lover, my lover
You are my one.
You have captured my heart in one instance
Leaving no space for chance.
My heart is filled with you each day and night,
I can't ask for a better world.

Lover, my lover
Free spirited and gentle,
You have devoured me completely.
Your voice is my melody,
Your beauty has wrenched my heart.

Lover, my lover
My sunshine
You are my dream, my early smile.
In your realm I found my strength
And I have given myself to you completely.

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