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Love Is In Mourning By Reginald Augustus

POSTED 06/04/2018 13:44
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Love is in mourning
For souls as countless as
The stars of heaven;
Powerful but humble heroes who treaded
These terrestrial planes of existence
With big and brave hearts,
Who dared to love,
Though the world said
It was wrong.

Love is in mourning
For little children lost to
The lies of deceptive teachers;
Beauty was transformed into a beast,
Caged in a dome of despair,
Hidden in the hollows of hell's halo,
Suffocating in Belial's burning chains,
Tortured by tartarian tongues
- and such an eternal death has been made
The doom of these lonely, little children.

Perishing patriots rejected
The pure truth of the universe,
Unleashing a punishment that will not
Cease to exist
Until mortal men learn to love,
Until the chains of shame
Let go of the weak wrists and aching ankles of
These lonely, little children.

Love may not
Cease to mourn
But for as long as
This Broken World stands in a static orbit,
With her wounded back turned to
The bow of God's love,
Shattered souls will shine on
To light the path of new born,
- the unpredictable future-journey of
The beautifully broken beings
That are yet to be born.

I see shattered souls
In the sky;
The radiant remains of romantic rogues that
Create a nebulae which
Celestial courts cannot neglect
Though on the black mirror-waters of
The empty earth,
They bore vivid, red-blooded reflections of
A tortured phenomenon
- an entity that mere mortals
Desperately seek to eliminate.

In the highest heavens,
Demons drift beneath
The still, scarred sun,
And create
A dome of dreadful darklings
But behold!
The beauty of the broken,
How their tears transmute the ill sores into
Ink-stains of illumination
- thin threads of tranquility that
Thrill terrestrial tyrants.

Do not
Fear the unfathomable
But believe in the impossible;
The faith of the fearless is not subjected to
The fiery force of fate,
Neither is it held hostage by
The hounds of hell
And the malevolent fury from
Our dystopian future life-scapes.

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