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Lost By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 12/23/2017 10:25
3085 Reads Lost By Aniebiet Effiong
In times like this,
All I do is litter the pages of my heart with dilapidated words,
Paint my paper with black ink of feelings.

In times like this,
All I do is scribble down my broken emotions,
Hum a song of shattered melodies,
With lyrics of broken words.

This is not a poem,
It is an assemblies of broken words,
For those who fell victims to transgender.

The feet of my lips bleeds profusely,
I have trekked from dirge to dirge
My words is a land filled with thorns.

This is not a poem,
I scribbled down these words,
For those who suffered the brunt of visibility and hatred,
And drank from the cup of their pains.

This is for those who went but never returned,
For they were lost as the lonesome sheep,
But were never found.

I wrote this for those,
Who were driven away by the unspoken words of men,
And steered unto the dark street of misfortune.

The flowers do bow and weep,
While the birds cover their faces and mourn.

I wish they could watch me with their eyes closed,
Listen to me as they sleep,
As I continue with my song.

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