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Lost Empathy By Ibeanu Chima Michael

POSTED 02/07/2018 13:27
3519 Reads Lost Empathy By Ibeanu Chima Michael, Poetry on Tushstories
We were friends, the best there could ever be.
We were friends and everyone could see.
He respected my feelings and I, his.
I could swear things will remain like this.
Until all I saw was his apathy.
Until he lost his empathy.

He knew me more than anyone could.
I thought I knew him too.
I wasn’t solid I was a drop of water in the ocean.
I wasn’t solid until he made my third dimension.
It was me, myself and him, the trinity.
Until he lost his empathy.

But soon his words and actions I couldn’t predict.
Soon it was like to him I didn’t exist.
He became a familiar stranger.
Maybe it’s his doppelganger.
Things changed, especially the chemistry.
He changed, he lost his empathy.

Empathy for me, sympathy I plead.
I needed answers unless I bleed.
He says he’s sorry, he says he’s back.
I fell for it, I wanted him back.
Maybe I needed clarity,
Maybe he still had empathy.

He says he’s back but I still wonder if I ever cross his mind
Many texts not replied but he didn’t mind.
“We will be together someday”
That’s what I said till I ran out of ‘somedays’
I had to get over him, my heart filled with antipathy
I was now certain, he had lost his empathy

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