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Little Things We Overlooked By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 04/05/2018 14:05
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It all started with a miss call
Then two
And ten
Till we lost count
Same went for the media
A Hi that was ignored
A message that was replied late
To a message that was read without a reply
Then being online without a word
And also seeing too
From the day to day
To a day in a week
To twice a month
To once a year
And now we only see from the past
We were once the world's gossip
Once the envy of the neighbors
Once the wishes of babes
Once our parents' answers to prayers
And Once our own pride
But now we are no more
Not because we stopped loving
Not because we stopped caring
Not because we stopped wishing
Not because we stopped dreaming
But because pride came along
And we allowed it more than we should
We claimed it was the distance
We claimed it was work
We claimed it was new friends
We are claimed it was time
We lost the trust
Lost the communication
Lost the little things that made us thick
And little by little,
We lost our dreams for wishes

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