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Like The Tide By Ohanado Uche Erudite

POSTED 05/11/2018 14:07
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It didn’t hurt much, not anymore
Just a little numb, senses a little dumb
Just running chills down spiky spines
Touring crescent hills time will never find

It was water with feeling, mind falls in crisis
It was fire with soothing waterfalls from my iris
It was empty, tempting to the edge, plenty for revenge, entry to the hedge
It was hefty
Soul swallowed in a vast wormhole
Vain wallows to a void stronghold, myself

Shattered into a thousand before my eyes
Deceived by the cliché we fall and rise
And I saw worse
An eye sore worse than my very plague
Worse than being back in the miry clay
Worse than being free, I hate that it’s only me

It wasn’t clear until you came
Love, a little fear, and you felt the same
We walked together miles delaying our fate
It was steep down lines from start to date
Beauty all the way then it starts to fade
And fast decay comes to play,
We paid the price
Sorry, I paid in kind
I prayed to find again this love inside
I did but yours had died
“This isn’t working” you lied.
I cried

It’s still alive, this feeling but its changed
A much different version, like it aged
Like the sky is not blue, it’s me without you
It’s flood without the blood, its death not by the sword
It’s your voice in my head, your hair in my neck
Your smile in my mind, your love in my eyes
Your kisses on my lips, my shorts on your hips
It’s your flaws that I hide; it’s you by my side
And now it’s all gone, like the tide
Like the tide.

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