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Journey Into The Blackland By Adedayo Ademokoya

POSTED 09/03/2018 14:07
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It all began in the moon where the sun gave his hope
It all started with a swipe of refreshment into being
The source of the elaborate nepotism unknown
The great mafian city eroded with past glories
The gory scenes of yesternight stuck in the memories—
of ferocious mountains shedding tears of pity
The rivers lurking around the valleys
The dungeon hoping to illuminate freedom

It dawned without being drawn
The battlefield of obsession filled with the warriors of doom
never to surrender, the prisoners of faith fought for free-doom
In their insanity, all trodden upon by the western frost
In captivity again,
they cried blood, water yielded
they called death, it was deaf
the scorching fervor never ends
they love the lust of their bodies
straying to the kingdom hall of freshness
Alas, the scorching never ends

Australian ice not the superhero
It strolls down the Sahara for sightseeing
Journeying with the recaptured prisoners
To extort the land of her riches
They fumed, scoffed, snarled but
Their voices were not to be heard
Unbearable for the ice,
It melted leaving the spoils to gain independence

They wondered and wandered through the beauty of desertification
Like flock without shepherd, they wandered
Although they were ‘free’ but slavery smiled licking his lips
Like a cobra waiting for the right moment to strike,
He was patient
He went ahead, begged the sun to release his shine at a terrorizing intensity
Promising to trade their white skins for black, he struck the deal
The prisoners hope they scale through the Sahara without barrier
They were free but not F-R-E-E

As their tensions escalated, it rained on them
Like the dough in the oven, the heat rained
Without mercy, the sky withheld its waters
Being reset to factory settings, they knew—
Their journey to the Blackland had started.

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