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Dear Joseph By Jordan Eguavoen

POSTED 12/25/2017 16:45
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How did it feel
Watching the all-knowing One
Blink at you with innocent wonder?

Were your eyes filled
When you felt the soft cheeks
Of heaven?

Or when you made funny faces
And God giggled
And stuck His little fingers in your mouth,
Did it reach to your heart?

That night,
The Conquering Lion of Judah
Lay in swaddling clothes at the mercy of the stars,
But He placed you in charge.

Did the moon swell
With the tender chest
Of your little baby when He yawned?

When He cried,
When He smiled,
When Mary led the angels
And sang our King to sleep.

It’s a rocky life ahead,
Through the seas and up the hill to the cross,
But time has travelled all its life
To give you this moment,
So hide it safely,
Remember this night
When your son leaves the safety of your arms
And walks into the sun,
When you can no longer tell each day from the next
As you listen for His footsteps,
Dear Joseph,
Remember that He is God.


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