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Incest By Village Writer Crew

POSTED 01/31/2018 09:50
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I thought I know the taste of love
but whenever my brother
lures me to bed
love sting me

I am not a poetess & this is not a poem, it's my blizzard of anxiety

In our one room apartment
my brother is so neglecting & tears queue at the bank of my eyes.

I always wrote on the wind
that something happen to me
because my beauty is written in scars
& my nakedness expose by the winds of my brother

every night,
life wear the rope of incest, crickets remind me that my future tiptoes into a dark room

lips sour
tongue dried
heart pelt when my pride as a woman purchase by my brother
every night, my body is a sanctuary worship with his godless deed that force a bitter hell from my eyes

my tears fall in storm
and beat the earth of my life in sympathy
my aggrieved heart seek freedom in a darkroom because my body attend a funeral of regret every night.

I am tired
Of bedroom sweet smiles with withering love
they say a lover's heart always burn with passion towards love beatitude but mine roll into scissor and naked me to the tongue of passers-by.

Do not pamper me
with a sheer aim of inducing tears
when your woeful hammer crushes my future and my joyful days sit on the couch of lamentation.

dear brother
whom I respect so much I hope you enjoy
you never know that the cobwebs of my life is shattered

You paint my life
with the brush of immorality, my spirit decay with unbearable fragrance
& this act of incest make me insane.

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