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In The Rhythm Of Our Tongues By Tydale Abigail

POSTED 04/19/2018 16:17
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I hear the drums roll from the high mountains of Tanganyinka.
The people sing in one tune with the beautiful cattle of the beloved Maasai stock.
And all at once into the Great Rift Valley,
Their voices echo in chants of rhythmic Kiswahili.

There above the plains of the Sahara,
Every tide of the dancing Nile
Instills on the lips of the coloured Berbers
Beautiful choruses in Arabic lines.

I can see the rich peasants of the Congo Basin,
Hauling hoes and harping voices,
And chanting the ancestral chorus of the Congo paradigm.
In the pleasure of their tall pygmy homes.

Rwanda approaches the English lords with noisy children from the days of old.
Her first born in Rundi crown,
Her last born on the Burundi throne,
Are healthy strong men through the throats of local people.

Who can listen really well
To the lofty accent of the people near the coast?
There, their tongues sparkle in Shona songs.
And exalt the pride of the black Zimbabwe.

The Southern cape tells of a people
Whose leopard skins are knitted in Xhosa notes,
And who’s Shaka, son of the Zulu song
Lay their paths in Kx'a values.

Let me remind us of the glory of Dahomey.
A land carved in Yoruba clothing.
How her bisected tongue
Clamours for the once united language.

The camels of the arid north
And the bones of Queen Amina’s horses
Stand stretching so strong in the Caliphate of Sokoto
To proclaim their oath in sheer Hausa symphony.

Who has heard of the Land of Gold?
Where the king's stool is made of Ashanti hymns.
And his rugs, of Ewe bits.
That the people live not for the foreign tunes.

Tell Ganda that she is loved in her Ugandan home.
Sotho should sing her pride even louder.
And let Ovambo never dare to shut her lips.
For their mights have really good hopes.

Alas! While Oromo has not travelled beyond her Horn,
We can hear Mende shouting for freedom forever
And giving better courage to Bambara and Fulfulde.
They can never die in unity.

Listen! Listen!
You who live in the Cross River Basin.
Wake up the sleeping Ibibio tune,
And save the Efik tongue from falling asleep.

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