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Illusion Or Delusion By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 03/04/2018 16:35
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Mirages and reflections,
Writings and markings,
Openings and dispersions,
Tainted wall paints,
Students in daydream phase,
Flashes from cameras,
Noise everywhere,
Pretty girl chatting,
Was it an illusion, or delusion?
Golden fingernails,
Radiant radiance,
Troubled waterfalls, blue-colored ones,
Forcing down a current of waters
Meteor rocks, hollow flaming ones
Falling, descending from high above,
Flap, flap, flap, birds of the sky made,
Making way through the flaming rocks,
Food for vultures some, food for nature some
Illusion or delusion,
Draped down curtains,
Bruised situations posed,
Father fought, mother fretted,
Hurtful words floated,
Scary scars were made,
Future’s light became dim,
Silence, hate and anger all teamed up,
Evolution of disheartening hearts,
Revolution of rebellious rebels,
Was all illusion or delusion?
Pretty girls seen,
Shyness gains entry
Shame takes the exit,
Manhood became treacherous,
Some mouths courageous, others remained mute,
Enhancement of speech, our hearts began to preach,
Narrow paths for the mute, wheelbarrows, the only ride,
Courtship behavior’s seen,
Display, nice clothes and shoes,
Pairing, enhancement and comportment,
Territoriality, boundaries and lines drawn,
Pretty girl’s gone,
Illusion or delusion,
Black and white seen,
Shiny buttons and glittering jewelries,
Conjoined tables filled with pastries and drinks,
Priest seen, vows made, rings worn,
Sweet tunes heard, dance motions in dance halls,
Pictures taken, souvenirs made,
Helium-filled objects some in the air,
Some tied to cars,
Illusion or delusion,
Scary faces seen, scary voices heard,
Markers in their hand, books on the other,
Repetitive motions made, bam their done for the day,
Continuation takes place, same scary faces and voices,
To some impactful teaching, to all its, stress,
Students in pants and shoes become a mess,
Yes noise, or rather noises,
Illusion or delusion
Love or lust,
My manhood speak more than my heart,
Blood seemed to flow as I sat,
I mean to there,
Her hairline, her unbuttoned shirts,
Her tight pants, her reddened lips,
Her cake brown skin, her words,
All sent a feeling,
I didn’t know how, but I did know where,
Some my heart but most went down there,
Love or lust,
I really seemed lost,
Her hips not lips seemed to speak,
She really turned me on,
Illusion or delusion
Appreciation or depreciation,
Playmates or friends,
Results or rewards,
Dialing tunes made,
911 seen, I really needed help,
It was very much an emergency,
None could ever sense the urgency,
Was it an illusion or delusion?

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