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Ignored By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 04/25/2018 13:47
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Traces of footpaths,
Carbon and helium, broken carts,
Nasty scars and fallen shadows,
Hazy reflections, blinded vision,
White lens, brown fingers mild tips,
Captured and recaptured,
Dusty soles, brown shoes,
Black suit, glimmering buttons,
Shades of blue, strokes of yellow,
Fear, darkness this portrayed
A rusted ring worn, circles seen,
Flickering and glitches were made,
Echoed footsteps heard without a step,
Husky voices, bass and shaky,
No rain, yet holds an umbrella,
Wooden handle, really ebony,
Weak surface, weak tension,
Rolled sleeves, bruises seen on wrists,
Burns also, real nasty scars,
Cruel on the outlook,
Poor eyesight, aided glasses,
Refreshing breath, smelt like liquor,
Puffed transparent smokes, burning desire,
Zeal, want or lust,
Chimney hearted, corners upon corners,
Stage like emissions, no sentiments,
Lies and lies just masked sentiments,
Ripped and tanned, my descriptions,
Smart and not observant, my observations,

Close compounded
Sounds of rushing blood,
Still eyelids, flapping eyelashes,
A smirk, a smile, a grin,
Un-replied they went,
Graceful sways, and lighthearted footsteps,
Intentional motions vanished into thin air,
Un-replied and unnoticed,
The more he ignored, the more I wanted him,
I had daydreams and fantasies,
Reality seemed miles away,
Zeal, want or lust,
Paths crossed, no single word,
Foot trampled on, just sorry,
Neighbors, but distant,
Compressed speech and tensed hearing,
His lips, those shoulders, motionless,
His voice, no touch of flaw, indeed an alpha male,
Like light I flickered at his sight,
Like Joseph I dreamt about his presence,
Profound thoughts I had, deep, and deep,
Un-replied and unnoticed,
Tingling sensations ran through my spine,
Other things seemed not to matter,
Just his presence and his absence,
Like switches, I felt controlled,
Shredded hair strands, maybe cos of fantasies,
A loner I was, was I that unattractive?
No one noticed me, was I that subtle?
In my small apartment, just I,
Alongside my favorite pen, and notepad,
Penning down ignored moments,
Penning in detail unnoticed moments,

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