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The Broken Sacred Pot Of Ideoto By Okeke Onyedika Prezide

POSTED 12/13/2017 14:05
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Will you laugh?
With mouth shaped
Like the cry of helpless mothers
As my wrapper swings in the air and hangs like the clouds of Eden.

As the thrill of fresh water
Running down
From the tongue of new born babies;
Won't your heart beat awhile?
For your sacred tent is severed.

Oh Ideoto! Your begotten tree gone naked.
The leaves fell on the grave land.
For the trusted branches are dead.
Can you cause the sun to shine slow?
Or be a shade to my shame?

I swear I never killed my mother:
Her tears bathe my heart
And drowned our fathers.
Can you walk in-between the Divine Estuary
And build there a sanctuary?

You can build a home far from home.
The taste of your morning breast
Still colour your tongue–
Strikingly after leaving home.
After everything.
Make a David table for all black mouths!

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