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I Will Call You Delilah By Boluwatife Oyedeji

POSTED 04/09/2018 14:15
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This pejorative theatrical piece is captivating my nerves in a deceptive melody,
Near the erotic shore of vibrant body fluids disemboguing for brutal illusion
That is crafted in an adventure of an irreversible absolute malady
Through your hot-body that is calling my spirit to critical annihilation

With your lewd act you have made me to derail from the path of my creator
With your bewitching exposed camisole you've turned me to sinful actor
That is fond of setting out on the game of female hunting night and day;
A man of amaurosis that can't find his destined heavenly way

I will call you Delilah for you are exceptionally flagitious in action
I will call you Delilah for you are the true fire that burns on the mountain,
To bring down a man of destiny from their part of consummation
Into unhallowed allurement that is decorated like a soothing fountain

I was a novice but the taste of your last kiss makes me a veteran
I was a novice but that warmth hug makes me a superstar,
That rendered me the prowess to leave aside he who molded my divine star
From the heavenly kingdom before my arrival into your destructive terrene

Seductive is your only voice that seffused my ear
Your body is a gas guzzler that drives one to a place of tear
Your spirit alone is permeated with a perfume of confusion,
And that blinking eyes of yours is nothing but a tool of retrogression

You have introduced abounding virus into my eyes,
For neither can I see nor witness God's promises for me
You have inoculated my muscles with an element of salacity
Ah! Ah! Delilah, indeed you have reshaped my destiny

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