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I Will Burn This Child By Adekunle Adeniyi

POSTED 08/10/2018 14:34
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You are a hope from the midday sun that failed to shine
A child I wished I never had
I can't remember the name I gave you at birth
How did you become my child?

If your mum didn't groan the night I swept her wilderness
Life would not be terrified by your presence
When I saw the sun stood in sorrowful silence the day you were born
I knew you are a shame in fragile skin
Time wept as your years boringly increases
Air that blew, waters broken, the day you came has come of age
Why are you still a child?
My patience is tired, grow up on time.

When I wanted to teach you how to be a man, I was told you are missing
I am the one now paying for your sins
Lack of training has given you the spirit of a murderer
I will burn you before you unleash your terror.

I am afraid you have taken your share of our genetic identity.

I am a product of my father's failure
I have failed you as a father
I saw your future from yesterday. It was a real mirage
I will burn you in a fire that gives no smoke.

You are the picture of what my failure will be in the future
I don't want to see that failure mock me
Son, you are now seven years old
It's time you go to heaven, where you will never grow old.

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