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I Never Say Goodbye By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 07/27/2018 14:54
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It wasn't my intention
To use the word
And its funny that I didn't even say it
But it hurts so bad
As though I did
I've never used the word
Coz I fear for its outcome
But today, you used it
Not because you meant it
But because you are scared too
I knew it would hurt so bad
That you would be so mad
And you would end up sad
When I tell you
But no matter how much I tried
I couldn't avoid the inevitable
We just happened
So they think
But we know otherwise
It wasn't our plan
But it seems divine
I never knew it would hurt so much
Until this morning
When I had no choice
But to act poise
And deliver the message
It hurts more bad
When your reactions pushed me away
I believe you hurt as well
But I didn't mean
We wouldn't see again
Doubts are good
But also bad
Telling you bye was not my plan
But you telling me bye, hurt so bad
I now know what it means
I crave for you
So you know
But I'm scared to death
Of what this will bring
That it makes me cower
I know what you mean without your words
And I know how you feel when I had to leave
But telling me bye
Was not meant to be a thing of evermore
As with life, there is always hope
I've tried to hide
Coz I'm at the other side
But you've always cross to my aid
How can you always understand
Even when it hurts you bad
You walked away
Never looked back
Not as if I did
And as you took a step
I felt my heart shatter
I'm sorry I could not dope
The words to make you cope
But I hope someday, you will understand
And look back today
And say that's my friend!
I hate the word GOODBYE
And I hope you understand
And someday take my stand
When it comes to bye
And until then, please know
That you left me shattered with the word "Goodbye"
But I will always have your back

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