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I Had You Finally By Ndifreke Enefiok

POSTED 03/24/2018 14:37
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Broken like a million pieces of glass plate
I laid on the cold floor longing for your love
Can’t tell how long I’ve been here
Or what happened to my sweet soul

Maybe I’ve wandered too far in search
Maybe you’ll come, surely someday
Maybe I lost it eventually
Just maybe I need to come back

Walking this lonely road home
I realized I’ve missed you too long
Did I say too long a time?
Yeah! Can’t remember when we met
The last time I felt you close

Round and round of endless nights
I cried and gnashed that you look my way
Oh! Thou sweet console
Where art thou gone?

Night and day I’ve begged thee
To find me before I stray away
But it seems you’ve joined Mohammed
At the mountain of deaf

For how long will you shatter
My weary and feeble heart sweety?
I’ve never asked for too much
All I need is a lil tender loving
To my single lonely self this time

Mama thought I needed emergency response
We all know that’s a bitter lie
I need you every day, like never before
Maybe I should have followed you
Step by step, foot in and foot out

Didn’t they say I need you 8 hours long?
Yea! 8 straight hours up she said
Today, can’t even boast of an hour
In your warm or cold embrace

Taking a saunter into the chemist
I sure knew today is the day
We gonna get all loved up and tight
Did I wait to hear her prescription?

I doubt all I crave for was a minute
in thy peaceful abode
Hurriedly I rushed home with the cellophane
bag with God knows what I bought
I hadn’t got to the door, my shoes
and clothes, I took off
I didn’t want to hear another tale like
You need to lie some more
For how long do I need to?

Into the bathroom I poured H2O
Cleaned off and brushed my 36 tiled plates
I needed a real fresh kiss with Mr. Soft P
The fragrance of my carrot tone cream
harmonized my skin… blinking the red light

I was so so ready for this but I had to eat
Mouthful, I gulped until I got filled
Threw on my pink silk undies and into thy arms I caress and moan all night long
The magical Enya tunes led me into a paradise and I let go
Magical and indescribable I laid peacefully
With the Lord’s Prayer… Accompanied with
Serenity until cock crow…
Just then I discovered that I had you finally

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