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Hope By Uyioata Adam

POSTED 09/14/2018 14:13
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There is something called hope
They say she is expectations
I was taught to believe in it
That when there is life, there is hope
That she keeps one alive
She is the backbone of a crumbled life,
She is the heartbeat of an empty heart,
Yes! That she is the foundation of a better life
I was taught that hope in a hungry stomach, makes the hunger disappear,
Hope in an empty pocket,
Makes it smell of mint,
Hope in a broken heart mends the heart
That hope in a bitter mind gives birth to great ideas
That hope becomes the strength to a brittle bone
That hope is the driving force of every human,
Male or female
Old and young
That hope is the lifeline in a shipwreck,
She is the anchor in the stormy sea
She is the rock in the weary land called life
She is the cooling shade in the burning sands of life
She is a shade by day and defense by night
That shelters in the time of storm
Hope is the light that leads us on through the darkness
Yes! She is the water that dries our scorching taste
She is the wind that dries our tears and calms our fears
She gives us the strength to keep holding on.

That Hope drives our passion to fulfillment of dreams
And that she is succor to the weary
You are told to keep hoping for the best
Do what you can and leave the rest
To keep believing and never lose hope
That all is lost when she is lost

Then you keep hoping for the best
You do everything you can
Hoping for a change
But then nothing happens
Hope begins to become weak
You try hard to revive her
Hoping that she'll become strong again
You bath her with your tears
But it keeps growing weaker than before
You drag her by the whiskers
But she keeps telling you to leave her behind
You strive on, never giving up
You keep holding on to the last thread of hope
And yet, it slips through your broken fingers
And you lose your grasp of her

And then she dies
Nothing to live for anymore
No reason to wake in the morning
You become restless at noon
And in the night
Sleep eludes your eyesv You toss in an empty bed
In an empty stomach
Waiting for a dreamless sleep
And then your dreams begin to fade
You try hard to look forward to your day
But there is a pain in your heart that's a craving

Your live becomes an illusion
Everything you ever believed in turns to smoke
And you become so bitter
You feel like ending it all
You feel like disappearing from the face of the earth
No more passion to feed your actions for the things you once loved
You lose your self-worth
And you feel like a nobody
You stop going to places you loved
You leave your friends
Because you feel they are better than you
You cut off from your family
Cos you feel you're a burden to them
They're tired of feeding you and putting a roof over your head
You begin to drink to forget your worries
And smoke to feel high and forget reality
Your life begins to wither like hope once did
Nobody to pull you back
You wallow in your pain
And frustration becomes your bedmate

You begin to wonder
Where hope has gone
Why she has abandoned you
Then you realized that you let her go
That you killed her
As you are just trying to kill you
Cos in the process of killing hope,
You succeeded in killing
Your dreams
Your passion
Your friends
Your family
Your future
And then you begin to wake up
Your eyes open
Your mouth agape
And you realized that you are left behind
You are far away from the prize
Then you remember the saying
"Where there is a will, there is a way"
"The best is yet to come"
And you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel
You begin to strive for the light
Then hope comes alive
And you begin hoping for a brighter future
You are stronger than before
Even though life is not easier
See the brighter side of life
It makes you live longer
Yes! Hope is difficult
For she sometimes die
What if she dies and never wakes?
Never kill hope
For when she is gone,
You become a dead soul.

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