wordings of the soul

History By Gabby Rhymes

POSTED 12/15/2017 16:30
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I was the bravest of all warriors
Leading mighty armies of able men,
I conquered many kingdoms and deprived many of their freedom

I was the strongest amongst men and beasts,
With biceps larger than the corruption in democratic governance
I knocked down any who dared to resist.

Full my own ego, my shoulders raised to the skies above my dreadlocks,
A pride much more than all the world’s peacocks put in one place

I was the knight in shining amour,
Decked in every form of armory from my feet’s sole to my head's crown,
Stray bullets never seemed to cause me a frown

My name was misspelt as 'fame',
People giggled even when my jokes where lame
And the dumbest of my words were taken for 'wise quotes'

For i was all
All was me
Lord of the earth
Even in an earth of lords.
But in the end…
My ashes were thrown to winds and bones were laid in dust without flesh on
Naked I came, and in same state I did return
I died
And like every mortal man,
I became history

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