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Hello Mama By Temidayo Jacob

POSTED 05/18/2018 14:23
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Hello Mama.
Your lad has gotten into this whole drama
right from the time he paused moving
on the streets at which you moved in.
He stopped staring at the whole world
while the wind strived to change the world.
He never for once complained of the spirit pain
which started when he bathed under the rain.
He never slept under the shadows of his dreams
but he kept working them into new realms.
He hasn't forgotten the sweet old days
where you taught him how to think in new ways
He never felt helpless when he was troubled.
He overcame. He fought them, he really struggled.
He saw the world as his own little thoughts
but the world poured on him some little cuts.
His eyes bled and his African spirit did the thinking.
He felt a thirst for blood but never did the drinking.
He loved and got hate. He walked and still fell.
He stayed lonely; made loneliness his new cell.
He watched his spirit hugging his new style,
but he really couldn't help himself that's why.
Now he knows the whole world is a drama,
But he can't stop watching because of his Mama.

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