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Haunted II By Martins Deep

POSTED 09/25/2018 11:53
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As wisps of smoke whirl
like the pirouette of a dancer
from the mosquito coil in my room
to stop the wee vampires from feasting
I wish for a poison to kill memories of you -
for something not bought with pains.
This especially of keeping my fingers from fondling
your lovebites on my skin
seen as an ugly scar to be blanched
How do I stop weeping
when tears have become my favourite wine?

What now? Why won't you let me be?
But you were banished forever
for the token of a joy to escape love's toils, tasks, and taxes
Why won't you go away?

Why does solitude scream your name out loud for everyone to hear that I
lied to getting over you?
Why does it hold its paintbrush
over the dunghill painted on your face, the Treasure Island I seek?

Its hard to imagine the jars
of your nicotine love emptied into my bloodstream
and tell the tale how obsession
grew from little things like;
The smell of your oiled hair
O the yearning to let my fingers graze upon them!
The sound of your laughter
that turns my muse into a clown
My nightly walk to your place to say
nothing with the tongue
but the blinks of tear-filled eyes
when I'm down
Yes, I'm confused to want to be fused

My heart cries for the murderer's dagger
My eyes, its yearnings pour
on my pillow mistaken for a page of my diary

Girl, how do you twist magically
my nightmare you led
the army of evil
into the dreams of a cherubic orchestra
streaming from Beulah?

I stand upon your corridor
seeing the same old shoes I match
with the footprints all over your life
There, your laughter again
not inspired by my jokes
that seem to cry, "I've moved on, Winfred. I have!"

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