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Haunted (For Kemisola Ayeni) By Martins Deep

POSTED 08/29/2018 12:43
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I call you a ghost -
for how do you get through
these walls built with hewn stones
shipped from mountains of understanding?
How do you lure me
by telling all the honeyed realms?
I'm missing in your arms
when it’s clear it holds still the spike
I turned half a shadow my new love cannot caress

-and no one understands
the me with the haunted house in his skull
who champions the war against their pasts

I'm strong - till the candles go out
and blues comes on, your favourite
You do this with your tailwind
as you walk pass from the past
to seduce destiny into a place for you by my right hand

I call you a ghost -
for you walk without footfalls on the aisle
and with whispers blow my arsenal into chaff
The light bulb does not cast a shadow of you
when you hold a dagger to my old wounds

- and what a mocking mystery
to leave the door ajar
to host you in my mind!

I call you a ghost -
for you lash me without leaving wheals on my skin
Only these tears prove the palm wine tapper
had climbed up my soul

- and you find a body to possess that meets me at the crossroad
thrusting me from your eyes
with a spear inscribed upon with the words, "I still love you, Steve"

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