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Happy In-Deep-Pain-Dance By Felix Zachariah Auta

POSTED 10/01/2018 16:37
1075 Reads Happy In-Deep-Pain-Dance By Felix Zachariah Auta, Poetry on Tushstories
Kaboom! Blasted souls buried six-feet deep
Going like lambs being led to the slaughter
Arewa is weeping in helpless soliloquy
Saints and sinners seated in their seats in politics
Lo, the grandmasters of mendaciloquence
Maneuvering on the faithful wings of dependence
Arise, O Giant of African soil
Why should we toil and get soiled in this public toilet
Million tears rain in Nairaland
Poverty visited and make us homeless
Leah and the father were in spiritual oneness
For the political fathers never declared her wanted
Alas, our peace is dead at home
Who art thou, O cross and crescent moon?
And faces smiling shamelessly in debt
Perhaps, we might fly across the boundaries of doom and death
I am a casualty of consistent battles
Poisoned by the venomous sting of jungle rattles
They came, they saw and they conquered
They maimed, slayed and took cover.
Once upon a time, unity was the language of progress
But now, the leviathan CHANGE we fear
Barbarians who don’t care how we fare
For the votes, they will bid us farewell.
Aye, the time is now
Now, the time is to break silence
We’ve xendered in labyrinthine meanders
Tomorrow is your choice to gnash and ponder.

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