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Hallucination By Enyene Johnson

POSTED 01/23/2018 11:43
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They stood astride with guns in hand
The cattle at their rear did stand
I swear to God it’s not a lie
The headmasters are here to fight

His eyes was dark, his chin was dry
His hand so bony from the sun
His hair was nice, colored like brown
Inside his mouth, he chewed a gum

The day was sweating from the heat
The sun was scorching them like hell
The ground was pained it did unzip
Its cracking skin to show its pain

Inside the farm he stood confused
The cattle eating from the ground
Not long from him another stood
The cattle eating from the farm

What happened next looked like a film
But no it was a real life thing
I thought I saw a lightning bolt
But no it was a moving bullet

Ka ka ka ka, rang through the bush
Tam tam tam tam, the footsteps moved
Kai kai kai kai, the voices moved
The thing I saw was cattle’s hoofs

Walai wetin, I dey do here
The voice was clear, it spoke to me
My eyelids blinked, my heart did faint
Oh dear thank God, it was a dream
…………to be continued………….

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