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Not Grade But Grace By Chinemerem Achinivu

POSTED 12/18/2017 17:10
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Chikeme went to the varsity
Endeared and enamoured by adversity
Frustrating failure was his ink colour
Bleeding on the script of widowed retention
Disappointment was the destination
Esteem enslaved to an all-time low
Taunts pulled great stunts
From the mighty storey building of wagging tongues
He hoped and groped for change
Breakthrough undeterred in a far range
Obstacles embraced the garment of Prince of Persia
Avowing his shortchanged destiny
Prayers and fasting were conquered
By the tempestuous red sea
Temptations were flies perching
The precincts of Chikeme's heart
He contemplated learning the art
Compromise, the missing ball on his dart
Jobs persistently shut openings against him
Felt consumed by the world
Hope, he slurped from mother's words
Forestalling the possibilities of self-murder
Sorrows and depression waxed stronger in attacks
Life remained a bitter pill
He gulped endlessly after daily meal
Until grace showed up
Catapulting Chikeme to mountain top.

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