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Govern Us By Adebayo TitiMatthews

POSTED 01/24/2018 09:35
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...the slavery of your children
Children are supposed to be heritage
Heritage to a nation
Nation that killed their love
Love wasn’t given back
Back to the dungeon they were thrown
Thrown away from their dreams
Dreams that should grow the economy
The economy now lacks effective fertilizers
Fertilizers that should help boost their growth
Growth only occur in their pockets
Pockets of criminals
Criminals claiming to be leaders
Leaders that are meant to be servants
Servants are to direct their oceanic wave
Wave them away they'll say
They'll say this to drive servants away
Away from their rights
Rights to decide, power and security
Security personnel now secure only their pockets
Pockets filled with minty bribes
Bribes from those posing us to danger
Danger we'll never be freed of
Of course we'll never be free
Free your minds o governors
Governors govern us very well
Well, we'll look
Look into this sea
Sea filled with so many scenes
Scenes with sins
Sins that blindfolds and not make us see
See the truth o ye rulers
Rulers are meant to help draw perfect line
Line us up in truth
Truth sets one free
Free from bondage
Bondage that has put us in slavery
Slavery still rules in this our age?
Age-ing leaders, when will you release power?
Power to the youth
Youth's blood thirst for achievements
Achievements will help the economy grow
Grow these youths with guidance and knowledge
Knowledge they say is power
Power filled leaders we've tasted enough
Enough is enough

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