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The Greatest Gift By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 12/24/2017 07:05
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He was announced
By an heavenly town crier
He was nurtured in an earthly womb
He was accepted out of earthly wedlock
He was conceived by the fairest of all
He was welcomed by parents surrounded by animals as witnesses
He was visited by three Kings of Orient
Directed by a shining star
Bringing good tidings of Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense
And happiness from all
He grew into a fine man
Full of love and wisdom
Humility and Kindness
Baptized at 30
Tried by the keeper of hell
For 40 days and nights
Served for 3 years
Loved but hated by all
Wrongly judged and sentenced by crucifixion
Cheated and defeated death
And arose after three days
Forty days after,
Retired to his father's house

He served as every member of a family
Served as a Shepherd
Served as a Friend
Served as a Carpenter
Served as a Scientist
Served as a Doctor
Served as a Pastor
Served as a Prophet
Served as a Magician
Served as a Philosopher
Served as a Judge
Served as a Teacher
Served as a Fisherman
Served as a Healer
Served as a Mentor
Served as a Savior even at the point of death

He came for the Sick
Came for the Poor
Came for the Thieves
Came for the Handicapped
Came for the Barren
Came for the Imperfect
Came for the Perfect
Came for the Orphans
Came for the Riches
Came for Righteous

He is a Saviour of all willing for His services
Receive Him well by showing love to all
For God is love
And love is God


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