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What I Got for Love By Rafiu Wasiu Olorunjuedalo

POSTED 12/07/2017 07:20
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I lost a love but life goes on,
Soon my eyes found another one,
She was prettier than the former,
Better still, she was a 'slay momma',
I felt my eyes had seen Miss Right,
And my heart told me I was right.

My new crush was a light-skinned fairy,
Her posture was comely; her face as cheery,
She seemed to be courageous, quiet and thoughtful,
From the way she spoke she was not hurtful,
Her shape was good; her dress was smart,
The beauty I saw tore me apart.

As I was chanced, I made friends with her,
Her receptivity made my love to soar,
But as time went on I began to notice,
Some wayward attitudes in my 'Miss',
She drank, gambled, partie¬d and fought,
Engagement would cure that I thought.

On the day I would tell her my heart,
I wore a red blazer on a white shirt,
As I saw people around my heart pound,
But I wouldn't allow fear this time to abound
I bent a knee and express myself,
But she stared at me as if she was deaf.

I wanted to say it again,
But on her face I read pure disdain,
She said I was too low for her class,
And that I was a dull dumbass,
She stood up, hissed and walked away,
I put up a smile, rose and went my way.

Every time I reflect on that scene,
I imagine how it would have been,
If I have not fallen in love at all,
But I've fallen and now you all,
Have seen what I got for love,
Please, is it a crime to love?

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