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Footprints On The White Track By Ambassador Daniel Amakor

POSTED 01/22/2018 11:01
2871 Reads Footprints On The White Track By Ambassador Daniel Amakor, Poetry on Tushstories
I fell into a track no one has stepped on,
With some parts plain and some smooth.
On it I got my thoughts ready to run,
Then I hopped in with a special kind of foot.

This special foot I count on as friend,
It gives me reasons to continue when done.
Some choose to call it by its name; pen.
Undoubtedly it has grown into a great weapon.

Smiling at the end of a signature,
Taking a short break for the next race.
Dancing to the mind's rhythm of nature,
It sometimes turn these white tracks a mess.

Tirelessly and courageously it kept running
through this endless white path in style.
Only Pausing at intervals, not willing
To stop before the finishing line.

Finally this whole race has come to an end,
And a fact has been established for good.
When there are no more ideas to spend,
All you see are indelible marks from my special foot.

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