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The Food Kingdom By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 12/31/2017 08:45
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I am that Ibibio son,
Who told you many things,
I've come again to tell you more.
Listen to me, gather your people.

Abadie means how are you,
Di mi means come here,
Di dia mkpo means come and eat.

The wise one once said,
The best way to get to a man's heart,
Is through his stomach.
No wonder dad never stopped Shinning his thirty- two.

My tongue has tasted many kinds of food,
Salad, rice, spaghetti, samosa,
But none tastes like ours.

Have you heard of a delicacy,
Whose aroma alone,
Can bring the dead back to life?
Have you tasted a meal,
That can make you forget your sorrow?
Come let me teach you one,
Every Ibibio child is a great cook,
Ask Ekaette my sister.

Mum taught me how to cook ekpang nkukwo,
From grating the cocoyam,
Wrapping it with its leaves,
Adding sweet palm oil,
Not forgetting the spices,
Most importantly, mfi (perewinkle)
Ekpang nkukwo, food for the gods.

Do You Know The Magic Words Of The Stomach?
Let Me Teach You How To Spell The Word, F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S
F - Food Bowl Of The People,
A - Afang soup, edikan ikong, atama soup, we have them,
B - Bringing heaven to you on earth,
U - Unam ebot is what you'll chew,
L - Luscious, the word for our meal,
O - Our food our pride,
U - Ugh! Are you famished? Swallow thy Saliva nomore,
S - Sit, relax, and enjoy our delicious delicacies.

No Wonder Blessing Calls Me Efuru,
The Food King,
Well, She Is The Food Queen!
We Live In The Food Kingdom.

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