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Feeling Different By Usang Okpa Usang

POSTED 05/31/2018 12:44
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With my broke leg
I sit in mock parade
Communicating with my precious bed
My pillow remind me of how precious she is
My sit-up bench my king

Asking the popular question
Why me?
I thought my case is worst
I thought am different
I thought am a lazy youth for sitting in one place

Wearing the ankle brace
That appreciates my weak leg
That make me feel the earth is mocking at me
With my precious bed, I feel love
Though feeling bad listening to my pillow

When I finally cross my gate
I see my little friend playing football
With his broken lips
I ask, what happen to your lips?
He answer, the humble tiles in my school fell me down

He ask, what happen to your leg
I answer, bone dislocation
With our weak faces, telling each other sorry
I say to him; borrow me your leg so I can walk
And I will borrow you my lips so you can eat

Looking at his innocent legs
With a promising future
With the hope to become the leader of tomorrow
My leg in mock parade
With my little friend I know my case is different.

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