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Faux Pas By Aaron Ovye Anduwa

POSTED 05/01/2018 14:14
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What are you?
I know who you are-
a puppet of fate;
But what are you?
If I reach into you,
what would I collect?
Is your soul of mist or soot?
You don't bleed blue, do you?
You cry with eyes too frail to stare into the sun.
I know of whom you are-
something's only begotten nothing.
But what are you?
Are you the one so eager to unbecome the cliche
that your yearning for an escape becomes all too common?
Are you the wordsmith with accolades worth three thin tin cans
rusted within and coated gold without?
Are you the lover in fear of hurt
so you batter monogamy
until it grows old enough to introduce you to the fuck in you?
Are you breaking and afraid to leave your pieces behind?
Have you gone in search for self
and found a hopelessness so beautiful it torched both your lashes?
Where to the north is the furthest you've walked?
How could you possibly know sand beyond the beach?
Have your lungs been domesticated?
Is your liver still liver in hue?
Have you ever let a panda cradle you?
Have you died before?
You! Yes you without wings,
you who puts your tongue to taste,
have you tracked a pulse 'til faint?
Have you denounced breath before?
Have you lived?
Have you died?
Have you a thing worth not a thing in the world to your name?
Not alive, not dead,
then what the fuck are you?

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