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Fallen But Not Forgotten By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 01/27/2018 16:55
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Each time I see papa's old rugged shirt,
It reminds me of our great heroes,
Who lived and survived by their ancient creed,
‘We shall never give up...’

I remember how they fell their faces to their foes,
And today they sleep beneath the land they fought for.
I wish you can hear the sound of the song in the midst of desolation,
I wish you can read the words in my unseen lines.
I wish you can understand my feelings

A branch has fallen from an Iroko tree
My heart is a truck,
Ladened with loads of burden,
My eyes are as heavy as a cloud,
Ready to pour forth its rain.
I wish I don't get drowned
Like Papa who got drowned in the ocean of his blood.

Yesterday I found a paper beneath papa's bed.
In it were papa's words before he left
And it reads,

Dear Folabi,
Paradventure I don't return,
Take Juke my wife to my room,
Show her the portrait of me and her,
Tell her never to weep
For I am always with her.

Feed her with wine of words,
Till she gets filled and forgets her grieve.
Folabi my son,
If my students miss me,
Teach them how to learn without being taught.

Folabi my son,
A brave man never runs away from death,
He fights with him face-to-face.
I have fought with death,
The tall one, short, fat and lean one,
And conquered them many a time.

Folabi my son,
If your little sister cries asking of me,
Tell her a child who wishes to eat with his elders must wash his hands clean,
And a child who wishes to sleep with his fathers,
Must have a brave heart
Tell her I have gone to sleep with my fathers.
Tell her never to cry,
For no one cries when great men sleeps,
Their voices might disturb them.
Great men sleep in peace.

Your beloved father.

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