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Eye Of The Needle By Emmanuel Idem

POSTED 09/13/2018 13:45
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Them demons got me, I ain't prayed in some weeks,
Dear Lord, come and save me, the devil's working hard,
He probably clocking double shifts on all his jobs,
Frightening, so fucking frightening
Enough to drive a man insane,
I need a license to kill...

—Kendrick Lamar

I need a license to kill
Since religion has made it a crime
For a man to commit himself to

Take my phone and,
Google ‘commit’ and the next word it
Suggests is ‘suicide’.
Say the word out loud, and
People shrink into themselves,
putting up a wall of sensitivity and religiosity

But I tell you, I'm not comfortable with my
Present life
Where expectations do not match with reality
Where hope is just another empty word in my
vocabulary. Selah

Nine planets,
Uncountable asteroids,
But he had to be sent to earth,
There is some conspiracy in heaven to make man sin,
Case point being Job, the poor fool,
But my temptations aren't straightforwardly,
The devil plays elaborate schemes on my mind:
An abused wife who falls while I'm innocently listening to her woes,
A lonely girl in a long distance relationship,
a porn site that just pops up on my browser

Making paradise in the 21st century is harder than a
Camel passing the eye of a needle...

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